About Mongolian Quilts

NWL-NGO (New Way Life)  supported the establishment of the Quilting & Design center to teach unemployed poor women and their family members and creating workplaces for them.

In previous years the number of unemployed people has been increased both in Ulaanbaatar, and in rural areas, especially the situation is worse for women. Few of them took part in various courses such as sewing, bakery, hairdressing courses organized by the government and private businessmen. In these occupations many face the problem of not being able to raise the start capital, or to sell the products/services on the market. Other difficulties are that many do not have any business acumen or skills to run a business.
Materials for quilting can come from many sources (eg second hand clothes and the scraps from the industrial factories and tailoring outlets). It means this production is an ecologically friendly process. Quilting is a new activity in Mongolia, but the women have excellent sewing skills and are eager to learn. Even the nomadic families own old hand-cranked Russian sewing machines and have recyclable fabric. To start a quilting business there is no additional costs to start.
The target population is:
  • Poor, unemployed women
  • Disabled women
  • Retired women
  • Grew up orphan children
  • Individuals interested in quilting, patchworks
Specially we would particularly like to do a workshop in a tourist area, where women can make saleable hand crafted product. By learning these new skills, the women will have more opportunity for increased income enabling them to support themselves and their families.
Specific activities
  • Training the target population in the provinces to do quilting and patchwork sewing completely new art of products for Mongolian market
  • Training through the Mongolian TV
  • Publish a Patchwork & Quilting book in Mongolian
  • Assist the trainees to market the goods
  • Employment of some trainees to work at the center as trainers\seamstress
  • Make in each province, quilting group creating a networking system
  • Teaching basic business marketing skills
  • Teaching sewing skills